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American Style Nunchaku was created by Michael L. Burke, a black belt and three time nunchaku weapons champion, from Richmond, Virginia. Michael began his karate training in the summer of 1973, in Okinawa style karate.

During his training, Michael was fascinated with the nunchakus. In 1973, the amount of training materials on the nunchaku was limited. Because of this, Michael began to make up his own set of nunchaku training techniques. After many years of practice, these techniques began to come together - and the style was born.

Michael's first video, 
CHAKUS!, was produced in 1990, and was a big seller. In early 1992, a grand master of karate in New York contacted Michael and told him that he had the ability to have his own weapons style, and that he should continue making more videos showing his forms and advanced techniques.

Over the next 8 years, four more videos were produced and again they were big sellers. Many martial arts students from all over the country began practicing the style. It is reported that in New York at one karate school, some 26 students began winning tournaments using the double dragons kata - taught on Michael's third video.

Today, the culmination of many years of hard work have come together as the style continues to gain attention and support from the martial arts community. 
ASN is designed to be fast and flashy, but easy to learn. Some students have won first place awards in competitions after only six weeks of training.

Michael accepted his induction in the the United States Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame on July 24, 2004 in St. Louis, MO.

Michael (right) shakes hands with Master Richard Bustillo (one of Bruce Lee's original Jeet Kune Do students).  Richard is the founder of the IMB Academy in Torrance, CA.

Mike is available for private lessons or hosting a clinic at your dojo!

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