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Here are all the CHAKUS videos, including the newer Open Style Nunchakus and the original classic series.  Be sure to check out the special combo packages below!

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Open Style Nunchakus - Forms & Techniques

Volume 1

In volume 1, learn a new style form using more karate moves, along with the techniques of the American Style Nunchaku.  The tornado form version 1 focuses on using one nunchaku in a dynamic style form using a diagonal pattern with many turns and kicks and spearing techniques.  This form features exciting new openings and endings along with spearing techniques which makes this form a must learn tournament winner.  Running time:  55 minutes  

DVD: $20.00   $15.95

Chakus - The Original

- Inward 8 block

- Outward 8 strike

- Front strike

- Arm switch

- Around the neck, parts 1,2

- Step and swing

- Adjust the chakus

- Combos 1,2,3,4

- Double strikes to front and turn

- Foot work pattern

- Endings 1 and 2

- New demo

DVD: $17.95   $15.95

Chakus 3: Double Nunchakus

- Double Nunchaku exercises and Kata.  

- Students who have studied the techniques in the first two Chakus tapes are now able to train with two Nunchakus.

- This volume teaches easy to learn exercises and a tournament Kata.   

(30 minutes)

DVD: $17.95   $15.95

Chakus 5: Advanced Doubles

- Advanced Double Nunchaku Techniques and Katas

- This video brings the whole American Style Nunchaku together. In this video you will learn:

- Speed technique

- Circle Kata

- Double Dragons 2 Kata

- Step and swing technique

- Open Kata      

(30 minutes)

DVD: $17.95   $15.95



Combination Package: Videos 1-3

DVD: $49.95   $39.95

Combination Package: Videos 4-6

DVD: $49.95   $39.95

Ultimate CHAKUS! Combination Package: CHAKUS! Videos 1-6 


Open Style Nunchakus 1 & 2

DVD:  $99.00

Open Style Nunchakus

Volume 2

In volume 2, we learn the tornado form version 2. The same format is taught but we use two nunchakus.  Also- on these DVDs, enhancements to the current forms of the American style is included.  In these segments, we’re adding new openings and endings and some spearing techniques in the middle of some of the forms.  These enhancements are easy to do and add a great deal to the current forms of the style.  Running time:  56 minutes

DVD: $20.00   $15.95

Chakus 2 - Katas

Students who have studied the techniques taught in the original Chakus tape can now proceed to Chakus 2. Two single Nunchaku katas for tournament competition.

(30 minutes)

DVD: $17.95   $15.95




Chakus 4: New Kata / Review

- Review

- New techniques

- A new nunchaku kata

Learn a new single nunchaku kata called "The Dragons" Kata. 

(30 minutes)

DVD: $17.95   $15.95

Chakus 6: The Ultimate

- The ultimate self defense technique

- The ultimate demonstration technique (the spin & swing)

- The ultimate form and the ultimate combination form

- The reverse combination

- New endings for the single nunchakus forms

- Training tips, new combination forms, and more       

(60 minutes)

DVD: $17.95   $15.95